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Fields of Law
(in alphabetical order)

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Civil Law
Consequent and quick, nevertheless cost-conscious claim management
Defense against unjustified claims
Industrial tenancy law
Sale- and service contract law
Assertion of guarantee claims and damages

Commercial Law
International trade law
Sales agent law

Communication seminars
Negotiation skills and tactics for freelancers
Coaching for work council members, especially for negotiations with their employer´s representatives

Competition Law
Examining the legal aspects of marketing actions
Infringement proceedings (written warning, temporary injunction)
Expert appraisals on competition issues

Contract design
Negotiating and designing all sorts of contracts
incl. national and international license agreements, artist agreements, production and cooperation agreements, commercial and purchase agreements, rental and lease agreements

Copyright Law
Contract design (including licenses, screenplay, production, cooperation, film financing)
Infringement proceedings (written warnings, temporary injunctions) within the television, film, photo, internet, music, software and advertising business
Expert opinions on copyright issues

Corporate Law
Mergers and acquisitions
Due diligence and MBO
Company succession
Disputes between shareholders
Analyzing corporate structures + reorganizing the company

Family Law and mediation, Law of succession
Mediation in the course of separation/divorce/custody proceedings
Prenuptial agreements
Divorce, pension rights adjustment
Proceedings according to the law on protection against domestic violence
Alimony law
Visiting rights and custody rights
Consulting for succession issues
(gift, legacy, will, compulsory portion)

Insolvency Law
Counselling of share holders and management boards
Preparation of insolvency proceedings
Counselling in insolvency proceedings

Internet Law
Intellectual property and competition law concerning internet issues
E-commerce (including the law of online auctions and internet selling)
M-commerce (mobile telephone regulations, value-added services)
Domain name conflicts (WIPO and ADR complains)
Data privacy protection,
General terms and conditions for online shops
General counselling of online shops

Labor Law
Notices, dismissal protection suits, cancellation agreements
Collective labor law, hearings
Company agreements
Social compensation plans

Media Law
see as well: press law and law of expressions, copyright law, internet law, trademark law, competition law and intellectual property law
broadcasting and television law
Counselling and enforcement of license applications for TV-Stations in Germany
Expert opinions on media law

Press Law and Law of expressions
Protection against false reporting and defense against false reports (including written warnings, temporary injunctions, counter statements, injunctions, revocations)
Enforcement of information claims
Personal rights law incl. omission of expressions and compensation for immaterial damage

Sports Law
Contract design (including transfer- and player contracts for football players)
Marketing consultancy and advice on media law issues

Tax Law
Tax amnesty
Proceedings in financial courts
Self-accusation of false or incomplete tax declaration to tax authorities
Investments abroad
Company transformations

Trademark law
Application for registration, transfer and cancellation of national and international trademarks
Trademark infringement procedures (written warnings, temporary injunctions)
Trademark research
Trademark identification in cooperation with relevant agencies
Intellectual property protection
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