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Our Firm

As a nationally and internationally active law firm based in cologne we assist our clients to reach their goals with our legal support. We assist our clients with quick reactions to changing legal environments and markets as well as in developing long term strategies. As we are entrepreneurs ourselves we think and act as cost- and goal orientated as our clients. Instead of pure searching for conflicts, it is our main target to solve our client´s problems instantly and comprehensively.

Our History

Kanzlei Medienrechtsanwälte KölnIn the 1990s, the media industry boom encouraged us to pursue our original intention of supporting and providing legal advice to the players in this field. Since then the internet became a major factor in all industry fields and is a quick growing market, which still enhances a high potential for innovation. Therefore our firm always faces new challenges, which we gladly face .
Besides this our portfolio concerning corporate legal issues constantly increased. Due to that the restructuring of medium sized companies, as well as the preparation and guidance of insolvency proceedings compose another of our firm´s main focus. Within this special matter the individual and collective labor law is very important to us.

Two other pillars of our firm have developed consistently and independently of economic fluctuations: family law and mediation. Over the past few years, mediation has also gained acceptance in business matters, as it is an effective way of avoiding legal actions.

Our understanding of legal advice

Kanzlei Medienrechtsanwälte KölnWe understand legal advice as a creative activity that requires management consulting and psychological skills, particularly in the area of commercial law. Negotiations frequently fail, not because of factual issues, but because of deficits in communication. When it comes to designing and negotiating contracts, we therefore provide our clients with our legal competence and develop a purposeful negotiation strategy.

Winning a case can be a rewarding experience. Frequently, however, legal proceedings require a great deal of time, money and energy, which could be better invested in new projects. For this reason, our primary aim is to reach out-of-court settlements for our clients. Nevertheless if legal proceedings cannot be avoided, we are known for taking resolute and quick action. Particularly in the areas of copyright, press, competition and trademark law, this frequently includes drawing up written warnings and quickly starting proceedings to obtain temporary injunctions.

Client contact

In our structure to communicate with our clients; we put a great deal of emphasis on using clear language, and we avoid making unnecessarily theoretical explanations. Our clients receive all important extrajudicial correspondence and written court statements beforehand for their information and approval. By doing so, our clients are continuously informed of the current state of their case and can get involved at any time. This form of close cooperation has proven effective, as it establishes the necessary trust between client and legal adviser. The same arguments come in to play when it comes to our payment structure, which we do not hide but communicate offensively to our clients.

Kanzlei Medienrechtsanwälte KölnWe´re ready to take on your challenge!
Also a challenging game of tabletop soccer in our office is most welcome!


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